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Thu, 18.07.2024, 6:30pm

Marlene Kuhn, Carolin Schmitt & Lars Baumann

Marlene Kuhn, Carolin Schmitt & Lars Baumann

Phoenix Design

Digital Detox: UX Design for Wellbeing

Marlene, Carolin and Lars from Phoenix Design talk about Digital Detox – an important topic in a world flooded with digital interactions. It is more essential than ever to find the right balance between technological convenience and personal wellbeing. How can we, as UX designers, design experiences that truly enhance "quality of life" in this digital age?

Simon Baer

Simon Baer

Ergosign GmbH

Dementia Detection, made easy to use

The second talk is about the user-centered development of the user-centered development of the user interface for a novel PET brain scanner. Simon, Lead UX Designer at Ergosign talks about why technological progress and good UX have to go hand in hand to make medical devices and their revolutionary technologies accessible to users.


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